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An hour has already passed since the Ship toke me to Space, it wouldn't take much longer to reach Corneria now... I was unable to just lay down on bed and rest, let alone stop moving around back and forth.
I could feel the insanity inside me increasing, further turning me into a mad man, if that was what Malichi had planned for me well, it's working... But you never know... The spell can turn against it's caster...
"heheh... i'll bite for now... but when i get a "golden opportunity" to break away... oh the things i'll do to that jester, nobody will want to be on his skin... They'll stand aside or suffer the same fate, bringing me to this world was the worst mistake he ever did."
Everytime i opened that mouth of mine i kept sounding less and less like "myself".
"I still wonder what the other two are up too... are they perhaps painting some towns red? heheh... well, that won't be much of a problem. When i'm finished with them... i'm coming for you Malichi."
I waited just a bit more as my Ship is a few minutes away from entering Corneria. But as expected someone held a grudge for what happened to his now missing eye... Two ships begin approaching me, they didn't try to establish contact nor get next to my Ship by each side, they just opened fire as soon as they're at close enough distance to strike me.
"Ayani, you teleport away, i'll see you in Corneria when i'm finished with these two."
Ayani: Erm... okay, just be careful...
"heh, yeah yeah, be more cautious don't kill people randomly or often bla bla bla, i got this, you can go now.
Ayani vanishes and i turn my attention to the ships sent by O'Donnell to "punish me".
Despite being all by myself against two ships, their ships don't stand much of a chance against the one i received, O'Donnell really wants me dead to the point of sending anything he has against me, even if it means sending his men to their doom.
The first thing they did was getting a lock on me and launch their future like missiles towards the back of my ship... all i had to was press a single button and my Ship began launching flares, yes "flares" that didn't seem to have problems with space gravity, because as they were launched from the back and the sides of the Ship they easily confused the missiles and cause them to explode before they could make a scratch on my Ship.
And if someone thinks i wasn't insane enough, what did i do? Piloting the Ship i make a loop, but i don't end up behind the ships nor did they copied me... Instead, as i was making the loop, i Collide my Ship with one them from below, Blowing it up to pieces and caused little damage to mine.
As expected seeing how i toke care of his friend so easily the other ship tries to flee as quick as it tried to attack me... My characters skills and abilities however didn't let him. Using Gerald's hacking skills i managed to quickly get inside its mechanisms and lauch it a virus, taking control of the ship from it's pilot. I set my ship to continue in autopilot and resume its destination, i control the other ship in reaching next to mine, quickly grabbed a mask that would allow me to breath in space for a short time, after opening the door i climb to the outside of my ship, close the door, and finally mixing Ashanti and Atsuko's capabilities i launch myself precisely towards the enemy's ship, busting in through one of the windows where i land behind the pilot and finish him off before he could react by setting my arms around his neck and break it, which didn't even made the cracking sound.
With my pursuers dead, my ship safely heading towards a landing zone in Corneria... I decide to put the ship that belongs to a men of O'Donnell... to "good use".
As soon as i enter the planet i take a look at the map of it... with my mind becoming more wicked as time passes, i decide to make an "emergency landing" because i didn't feel like landing with the ship intact... so after having a good look at the the map and checking my position, i spot one single Embassy in Corneria... and remembering i'm in a ship that belongs to a criminal that works for O'Donnell, with his body still inside... I come up with an idea, that will make me feel haunted when regain control of my mind...
With some calculations regarding distance and altitude, i turn off the Ship in mid air, jump out of it using once again Atsuko and Ashanti's abilities mixed to slow down the fall slightly(Ashanti) and land on my feet without a scratch despite how high i fell from(Atsuko).
Being a great distance away from the Embassy but still being able to see it from afar where i was standing... My twisted mind successfully commited the atrocity that would leave my hands with the blood of innocent people... Even if i were to be shown compassion by being told it wasn't my fault, that my mind was brainwashed, that it wasn't... "me" who did it... I wasn't gonna be able to deal with this nor ignore it when i come back to my senses.
I watched the Ship i hijacked from O'Donnell's men, crash right into the Embassy, blowing it up and leaving the place on flames. And as i could hear the panic from the distance...
I let out a maniac and terrifying laugh at the sight of it.
"Amazing! Now this certainly is a Flaming entrance to behold!"
However even with how distant i was from the Embassy and the screams of panic from those still inside, a survivor that was on it's way out of the door when the Ship crashed and therefore lucky for not being inside, heard my laugh and spotted me in the distant, he managed to get a good look at me before i decided leave the place and travel to the coordinates of where my ship was going to land.

This event... Wouldn't go unnoticed...
Trapped in a World of Insanity - Chapter 3
Sorry for the long wait here's my third chapter of the collab with :iconkulcheck: and :iconurutoramanzenith:

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*Ralton*: I lost my family and my loved one, i have nothing left to lose to be afraid of death...
*Atsuko*: Why should i go back, i'm just a weapon to them, when the war ends they'll just toss me away!
*Gerald*: Why couldn't my parents see how much i suffered? If they truly loved me they wouldn't have brought me to court to choose which one i wanted to stay with!
*Ashanti*: What did we ever do to them to deserve this? How can humans commit all those atrocities and still consider themselves civilized?!

After causing that disturbance i went into hiding, i wanted to stay away from everyone because my mind kept hearing their voices and they just wouldn't go away...

*Ralton*: Being an Assassin from the Brotherhood is all i know... I'm no hero, if was i would be the one that fights when he's got nothing left to lose!
*Atsuko*: I never asked to become a cyborg, i should have died on that explosion! At least i would be able to see my parents... i just wanted to see them at least once... Was that too much to ask?!
*Gerald*: Serves them right when i choosed to be sent to a boarding school! Now they know that their son suffered more then they thought!
*Ashanti*: All i did was butcher them for their abuses during my enslavement!! They're wrong... i'm not the monster here... i might be the demon, but they are the devil! I feel no pity nor remorse for what i did to them.

I felt like i was becoming insane... crazy... i wanted it to stop... But there was nothing i could do about it... i began feeling anxious, paranoid, numb, emotional, eventually i began having trouble breathing but because i has hiding on ruins of a laboratory where everything of useful was already been taken and noboby was passing by around there, i was on my own.
When my body became numb i couldn't even get up from the ground, i just laid down in there... and eventually fainted.
I don't know how much time it passed, honestly it didn't matter to me, waking up meant finding myself on this nightmare that was taking away what remained of my sanity... if i had any left that is. But suddenly i began to feel my body again, i could hear someone's voice calling out...

???: ...Please wake up!

The voice was a bit faint so those were the only words i was able to understand. When i begin to wake up and open slowly, someone was tending to me, it was a woman, blonde, a white dress i never saw before, her face was quite angelic and beautiful, she was on her knees behind me with me resting my head on her shoulder... and she had angel wings that were around me. I felt a comforting sensation from it, as if it was helping keep my mind stable.

"Who... are you?..."

???: My name is Ayani... Malichi enlisted me as your guide during your stay. I'm sorry... unlike others who were guides to people that were here before you, i'm one of the few who hates seeing them used for Malichi's entertainment but no matter how sickly i think this is there's nothing i can do about it... aside from helping as best i can. So please... what you're going through now, please don't let it destroy you.

Hearing those last words made laugh miserably.

"You really expect me to believe that a girl sent by Malichi, the god who turned me into a madman... Genuinely wants to help me from what her Master did to me?"

Ayani: I'm serious! Please... I've already seen too many like you before being dragged to this insanity... i don't want to see that happen again, so please... let me help you..."

Given the current situation it was difficult for me to trust someone else, specially when this person was sent by Malichi... But, at least the voices in my mind stopped for now, i was really feeling much better just by being this close to her and being surrounded by her wings. Perhaps i should give her a chance for now, she's nothing like Malichi and she's helping me despite the fact this is our first meeting. Maybe she is an angel after all, which makes me wonder how did she end up as a servant to Malichi...

???: He's around here somewhere keep looking!

Ayani: (Whisper) O'Donnell's goons! We have to get out of here! Listen, Malichi placed a Spaceship west of here, you just need to get there-

"But not without passing through them."

Ayani: No there must be another wa-

I ignored her advice, got back on my feet leaving her protection and went ahead letting the Thugs find me... Doesn't sound like me at all does it? I guess Ayani's help isn't enough to restore my mind back to normal.
They yell "There he is!" as soon as they saw me, they surround me to prevent any escape, until their Lord arrives, that's when i realize, when they mentioned "O'Donnell's territory" it seems they really were talking about Wolf O'Donnell, the character from Starfox, except there was something different in him, he wasn't missing an eye he had both them intact. And of course Panther and Leon were with him.

Wolf: So, that's the Intruder who's been causing trouble around here. Well i may not know who are you or what you are, but i must say, not bad, taking down three of my men all by yourself. Normally i wouldn't tolerate outsiders coming into my territory to cause trouble... but i could use someone like you among the ranks of Starwolf, so what do you say about joining our group of mercenaries and show the whole Galaxy we're not to be messed with?

I lower my head, for a moment everyone thinks that's a sign they have me at their mercy... until they begin hearing me laughing.

Wolf: What's so funny? You think i'm joking? Well, my men can show you how serious i am, punk.

Three of his goons begin walking towards me when Wolf signals with his hand for them to show me his point. They had some kind of nightsticks made of metal and were eletric... Heheh... Just like all those bullies i met before, they were all the same... they think they are strong when they're among friends or when they consider their target an easy prey... But this time, they were the ones at the wrong place at the wrong hour.
The first thug attempts to hit me in the back... And that's when i show my new powers and skills, just by having the bonds on my left arm i can summon any weapon that my characters have and use at will, i don't need to speak at all the bonds know in less then a second what i want and materialize the weapon or weapons... So, before the thug manages to take a hit on me i jump making a flip on the air landing behind him, i stab him in the back with the second hidden blade then i stab him with the first on his forehead from the front and pull it out by firing the hidden gun. The other two thugs start running towards me but again i jump, as i'm in the air each one is at my left and the other at my right, i fire the Crossbow at both hitting each one on a leg, when i land on my feet i run towards them at top speed and take one at a time, the first one i used my new strength, i kicked him between his legs, punched him at full force on his stomach then i finish him off by decapitating his head with the Mech Katana, the next one i spin around and kick him on the head making him fly, but i wasn't done with him, using the Whip i catch him by the neck and pull him down making him fall on the ground, then i pull him towards me and stab him on his stomach with the hidden blade and finally i throw him up to the air and finish him off using the katana to slash him at the stomach cutting him on half just as he's about to fall on the ground.
Having seen all that in less then one minute the other thugs became terrified of me, Wolf even noticed them back off a few steps, but he, Panther and Leon were not about to leave this unsolved, so i try to... "motivate them".

"Well... First i beat down three of your thugs and now i kill three of them... hahahahahaha, so who's next Wolf O'Donnell?"

Wolf: Wh- How do you know my name? I didn't have the time to mention yet!

At this moment i began to sound more arrogant...

"Wolf O'Donnell, the leader of Starwolf, the criminal with the biggest bounty in the galaxy and rival of Fox McCloud..."

I got him a bit confused on how i know all this but before he can say anything i continue mocking them.

"Hahahaha... How come a criminal with such a high bounty on his head is still roaming free and trying to prove he's better then McCloud only to be defeated again and again by him? Seriously, i find it amusing that someone like you wants to compare himself with the leader of Starfox, "you" a Mercenary that does both legal and ilegal tasks just for the money comparing himself with a Mercenary that only takes tasks to help and protect others."

Wolf: Grr... Alright i don't know where you learned all of that, but you better watch your tongue before you lose it.

"Really? hahaha, then by all means, come and get it!"

All three of them respond with agression... falling to my taunts.

Panther: I am Panther... you see my rose you meet deat-

Before Panther finishes that stupid phrase of his i tackle him at full speed leaving Wolf and Leon a few meters away and enough time to take care of Panther. While he's on the ground i grab him by the neck, jump towards the roof of a nearby building and before we land, on plain air still holding him i set my feet on his armor landing on the roof with him under my feet like a surfboard causing the roof to breakdown and the two of us land on the ground inside.
He could barely move after that, when he notices his rose to his right he tries to reach it with his arm shaking... only to see it stomped by my foot. I grab him by his neck and make him look at me, then with a wicked grin i say...

"Here's a better word Panther... You show your rose you find Death itself."

With that said i leave him there and break the exit door to confront the others, they try to take me by surprise when Leon comes behind me making me hold still as Wolf takes out his gun to shoot me, but i break out and imobilize Leon at the last second to use him as a meat shield against Wolf's gun. Wolf didn't kill him but was shocked when he shot the wrong person and that gave me plenty of time to run towards him disarm him with a flying kick on the hand holding the gun. After that... i did something that he would forever hold a grudge, i shot him in the foot with the hidden gun, then finally when he lowers himself a bit from the pain, i spin around and swing the Mech Katana upwards slashing his face that leaves him with a vicious wound... and with a missing eye. From the way i striked he fell down in pain, covering the wound with a hand.
After doing all that i began behaving and talking like a maniac.

"Hahahahaha, looks like i became the cause of how did Wolfy became one-eyed!"

Wolf: You.... I'll make you... suffer for this...

"Oh don't worry, i'll give you a chance for a rematch, i'll let you live... Just keep it in mind Wolfy, the next time you meet me and ask for a rematch... I won't go so easy on you and you might lose more then just your eye."

With all of them dealt with i take my leave by heading to the direction Ayani said i would find the SpaceShip, passing by Wolf and laughing for his attempts to make me join his ranks.
This... All of this... This is not me... This is not what i do if i could think straight... What did i become?...
When i reach the SpaceShip Ayani was already inside and we toke off without Wolf's goons trying to stop me or shoot me down.

Ayani: Andre... What... What did you do... you're doing exactly what Malichi wants! If you continue like this you'll forget who you are!

"Ayani... "

Even in front of Ayani i keep acting the same way for a while. Speaking to her with a twisted voice and smile.

"... All i did was teaching a lesson to those who like to act tough but in reality are just a bunch of weaklings. I don't understand why you look so upset because of a bunch of thugs that i sent to where they belong..."

Ayani: Stop it! Can't you see? This isn't you... It's all in your mind Andre, when i was enlisted as your guide i learned all about you... You wouldn't do what you just did, please... please listen to what i'm saying and let me help you...

" *sigh* If you say so my Angel."

This remark made her blush a bit for a second because it sounded a bit flirty the way i said it. To be honest, i don't even know if that was intentional or not.
Taking a look around inside the Ship it seems the controls were set to automatically head towards Corneria once the button to take off was pressed. And it seems once i get there all the other destinations will be "unlocked" allowing me to freely travel around. With nothing much to do, i went to my dorm and let myself fall into the bed. Now, i could sleep or i could just wait to reach the destination or for a Space Battle should someone decide attack me.
At this point, anything could cross my mind considering how insane i am now... That help from Ayani, that made the voices in my head stop for now when she was really close to me... i guess despite giving my mind that bit of relief it can't change what Malichi did to me... I guess i should be glad to have her, because i know those voices aren't gonna remain quiet forever, it would be to easy if that was the case, and boring to Malichi... They will come back... And i knew it meant that i could be a nice guy for a while and the next moment i would change to a psychopath in a second.
But... there is something i knew as well... When i entered my dorm i noticed there was a book under the bed, as i read it... i discovered... that all those that came before me, Malichi never brought just one person, it was always multiple people, and when took a look at the last page...

" hah... haahahaha...... So... this is why i'm here for... and these... heheh... I see now. It seems this "adventure" might become quite exciting or shocking in the future. Well... i guess we're all gonna see how it will be don't we? heheheh...
Trapped in a World of Insanity - Chapter 2
Well, it seems things are heating up on my side.

Collab with :iconkulcheck: and :iconurutoramanzenith:

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After a few minutes of walking i spot some kind of arena on the distance, it was empty and the structure of it looked the same as the moon we were walking on.
Once inside Malichi stops me at the center of the arena and turns around to address me.

Malichi: Alright! We have arrived, now where's how things will go, you will begin with Ralton and like i said before you will face the darker version of him, once you're done fighting them you will immediatly change to the next one and do exactly the same thing until your done with all of them. So, ready to learn your characters skills and powers?

"It's not like i have a choice..."

Malichi: I'll take that as a "yes".

Malichi dissapears out of thin air, but suddenly i began hearing his voice as if he was some Commenter during a Wrestling match, wow... The guy really thought he was funny huh?

Malichi: Alrighty! Let's get this show started shall we?

I began sensing something, like from a different perspective... Ralton's perspective... My face, my body, clothes, it all changed in mere seconds, i even felt the hood covering my head, but most importantly i felt "capable" of doing everything he does as if we were the same person all along. I checked myself just to confirm if i had everything... Hidden blades, Hidden gun, Sword and dagger, throwing knives, bombs mostly the smoke bomb, it was all here as his bonds around the arm.
Then at exact same spot from where Malichi was, Ralton's darker version emerged, wearing similar clothes with a hood on, but wearing the Templars symbol and a Two-handed axe.

Malichi: Aaaand Fight!

However these fights felt more like a tutorial rather then an actual fight, probably to make adjust to characters skills and abilities. When i began fighting the first opponent it felt like learning the basics because as long i was faster at dodging the attacks from that heavy axe i was able to win through speed and agility and all i had to do was using the sword and dagger to wound my opponent everytime i found the chance to do so and then finish him off with the hidden blades when he began feeling weak.

Malichi: And we have a Winner!

Everytime i won a match Malichi was quick to use those words, hearing his voice with such enthusiasm felt quite annoying.
But that wasn't important, eventually i ended up being each of my characters. Atsuko's arms, legs and his muscular organic parts were quite heavy at first but i quickly got adjusted to that when the "transformation" finished, it was quite fun actually to be able to jump around at such heights and land on my feet like it was nothing, normally Atsuko doesn't use his katana unless it's necessary but i decided to give it a try just out of curiosity, i felt a bit bad though because his darker version had more cybernetics but with an unstable mind.
Gerald's crossbow was fun to use since i practiced archery but never with a crossbow, plus i felt more comfort having an atlethic body to move around, and... somewhere i sensed that charming skills that he has to get on with the girls, if only i had that since the beginning huh? Plus i don't know how to hack technology and from a moment to the other that knowledge was already inside my head. Taking down his darker version didn't made me feel bad at all since while Gerald is the gentleman type despite being a playboy, his darker version was a pimp and kind of an asshole.
As for Ashanti... well... i did notice something on my chest change from flat to C... but let's not talk much about that or try to check it with my hands... well moving on! As Ashanti i learned how to use her magic and her whip, but despite the darker version not being much different aside from using Necromancy which Ashanti is afraid of, this particular fight... i guess i got a bit carried away, by adrenaline and rage... not surprising at all, that's just how Ashanti is.
Having completed all the fights i return back to being me again.

"There. I finished the trials, so what now Malichi?... Hello?"

He wasn't responding...

"Malichi? What the hell i finished the trials so what n-"

Before i could finish speaking i felt a sudden massive headache, it made me yell in agony, i couldn't understand what was happening, i end up falling on my knees because the pain was too much for me too handle... eventually... i couldn't think straight... i could even hear my characters voices inside my head... then finally Malichi reappears.

Malichi: Excelent! You finished the Trials, and now you know how to do everything your characters do.

"FUCK YOU!... What have you done to me!?

Malichi: Ohh, i forgot to mention it... I didn't exactly prepare the trials the way i planned at first, i changed the reward right at the deadline of your arrival to make things more interesting, so right now... Your characters personalities have been crudely mixed inside your mind. Sorry!

From the way he was smiling he clearly has making fun of me... But before i could speak i noticed the sudden change of place, we're no longer at the arena... i was somewhere... else...
I got on my feet recklessly, and as i look to my left i see Malichi again... but this time three of them. One of them began to approach me.

*Ashanti*: Kill them! Slaughter them! BUTCHER THEM!
*Ralton*: You can't allow this tyrant to play with people like toys, his death is necessary!

I couldn't think straight, and hearing their voices in my head... I just couldn't control myself! So i jumped right at him, i didn't care when i began beating him up without mercy, i didn't care when the others tried to stop me only to receive the same punishment, i didn't care if they were three fake or not i just wanted to make him suffer, until...

Malichi: Stop! Stop it!

He began to beg... but it wasn't his voice... at that moment it was like i woke up to reality... the ones that i attacked... were anthros... i was hallucinating all along... they were terrified of me...

"W- Wh- What.. what's going on?... Wh- Where am i?..."

Despite being terrified the one that was begging answered me.

???: You're at Lord O'donnell's territory! Just please let me go, i did nothing wrong!

"G-Go... just... just go... don't get near me..."

They saw my confusion but ran away as i said those words...
... And from there on, my nightmare began.
Trapped in a World of Insanity - Chapter 1
And now you know why the title is called that...

Collab with :iconkulcheck: and :iconurutoramanzenith:
Tagged by :iconallentla: its not like i got nothing else going on, so ill play along. ^^

First the rules of the tag;

1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
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2. I like animals, specially dogs.
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4. A bit addicted to certain videogames, sometimes. ^^;
5. I'm "Mr. Still Single" over here. XD
6. I'm a complicated person. ^^;
7. I like listening to music, don't care what it is, as long as i like it.
8. I speak more when i type then with my own mouth.
9. I like boobs as much as butts... There i said it. And i'm not ashamed. XD
10. I'm not much for sports... though i do need to exercise since i reached the age where i grow to the sides. XD
11. I'm not interested in religion, but i'm okay with those who are.
12. I keep my PC and PS4 both on. ^^;
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Tag question time;

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Ice, i prefer the cold powers.
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I've been in Deviantart for two years now, and the furry fandom has became one of the things i love the most. ^^
3. Do you like Tea or Coffee ?
Mmmm, Tea i guess...
4. Do you like the Spring time or Autumn time ?
Mmm, i guess Spring time, it feels nicer to me.
5. How long do you take bathroom breaks ?
Really?..... I don't stay there for long, unless its a shower i'm taking.
6. If your character/s was real what would you do with them ?
Well, how about an "hello" for starters? XD
7. City, town, countryside or urban areas ?
As long as i have Wi-Fi, the things i need, and i'm comfortable with the house, it doesn't really matter much. XD
8. Do you like it when days are dark ?
Usually yes, unless i'm feeling depressed... those days certainly wouldn't make me feel better in that case.
9. Solid or melted cheese ?
Solid! No doubts about it.
10. If I hugged you and I started purring how would that feel ?
Err, no offense, if you were a dude i would feel a bit uncomfortable, if you were a girl... well... i guess my mind would be like, "yeaaah." XP
11. Like to wrap up warm ?
In my bed sheets, yeah.
12. If you were forced to draw one thing that you really hated for one day what would it be ?
Grr, Bullies... nothing else i can think of right now.
13. Which cheek is better ?
Err, soft ones i guess...

So 13 questions from me for you to answer;

1. What's your favorite videogame?
2. What's your opinion of the game Pokemon Go that has been all over the place?
3. What's your favorite animal?
4. Do you ever watched NSFW art?
5. What's your type of music?
6. Do you use your phone a lot for more then just calls?
7. Of the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. What would you choose to be yours?
8. What's your favourite food?
9. Do you have a favorite youtuber?
10. Do you have any pets?
11. What's your Horoscope Sign?
12. What type of person do you see yourself as?
13. If you don't mind me asking... what's your type of girl/guy? XD

Aaaaand those 13 people i tag, ARE!.....

:iconkulcheck: :iconhectorny: :iconfroexd: :iconkal241: :iconeastern-fox: :iconcosmic-phoenyx: :icontxnshicom: :iconchellybo: :iconthemegabad1: :iconnintendo1889m: :icontheblacknova: :iconsirmitternacht: :iconhumphreylevine2014:

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